Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome! A Note on the Purpose of this Blog

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by Kev's CREVO Korner. I'll be posting comments here related to the Creation-Evolution (CREVO) debate that I hope you find vital to a better appreciation of this important issue. This blog is intended for educational purposes only.

Kev's CREVO Korner is designed to address some of the critical issues surrounding the Creation-Evolution (CREVO) debate in America and the west. Evolution is largely presented as an established fact in the majority of our academic and scientific institutions, and this in turn has created a climate of intellectual repression against those who disagree with evolution, and it has reached the point where many dissenters experience severe and unwarranted punishment for holding their views. In short, an open state of discrimination exists against almost anyone who would dare to question evolution in academia and in many fields of scientific endeavor. The manifestions of these abridgements to our freedoms are not yet clearly understood or fully appreciated by the general public, but I intend to make sure they receive substantial notice and comment here.

There are other critical issues that I will be addressing here from time to time, most notably the degree of speculation that is required to support evolutionary contentions and presuppositions. There is a widely misunderstood aspect of evolution that needs to see much more of the light of day, and that is the extent to which evolution relies heavily on speculation, conjecture, imagination, and guesswork to explain the alleged historical "fact" of evolution. Far too many scientists and educators fail to make the distinction between fact and speculation when they pronounce evolution to be a well-established and credible "fact" of science.

The fact of the matter is this: evolution requires massive does of speculation and conjecture to illustrate almost any historical evolutionary event. Speculation and fact do not = fact, yet this is what is presented to a largely unsuspecting public and more important - judiciary. Educated guesses remain guesswork, no matter how 'educated' they may be. A guess or conjecture will never have the same value as a 'fact', yet this is precisely what many evolutionists would have us agree to. And while Evolution may indeed be "well established", the basis for continuing to make such a claim should ALWAYS be subject to open inspection and investigation at any time.

Unfortunately, far too many are reluctant, and even refuse to do this, which creates a prominent stain on the scientific enterprise. The result of this unfortunate circumstance is that it invites the establishment of dogma, not science. One of my missions in this blog will be to ensure that readers are left with NO DOUBT about the vital role speculation plays in the fabric of alleged historic evolution, and to expose many other aspects of evolutionary antics that the general public will find startling, if not outright alarming.

The scientific and academic community, as is often true of many established instiutions, has failed miserably to police itself adequately in areas where it ought to. Discrimination against evolutionary dissenters is both rampant and widely ignored in America and Great Britain, and threatens protected freedom as never before. Let this blog, therefore, serve as a shot over the bow of intellectual repressors who wage war against such dissenters. Dissent should be freely permitted and in fact, valued within the context of both academia and the scientific enterprise.

Additionally, many in the scientific and academic community have expressed the opinion that the general public is incapable of appreciating the values and merits of many aspects of the CREVO debate - especially if they fail to accept an evolutionary premise as solid, reliable, established fact. I could not disagree more with this ivory-towered, and presumptuous perspective, and instead subscribe to the approach that if a member of the public is ignorant on a topic (which is nothing to be ashamed of...), but desires to become educated, the first step is to provide the public with what is required to help educate them. The scientific and academic community has frequently glossed over, or misunderstood many aspects of the CREVO debate due to their own unwillingness to address key issues, or through their ignorance of them. Many of these shortcomings will become evident in this blog over time

I also expect that my own perspective will be corrected from time to time, so, everything I have to say here should be viewed in the context of a learning experience. If I think I have made a blunder or mistake, I will admit it, learn from it, and move on.

Thank you for reading.


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